The Archon ESG Framework (AESGF) is founded on the concept of overall sustainable development and investment, and thereby recognizes Environmental and Social (E&S) considerations in its own business operations and in the activities carried out by the people and institutions associated with it.



Archon constantly strives to bring a positive transformation to society through its business operations and sincerely endeavors to conserve natural resources, protect the environment, and contribute to welfare of the community at large.

This policy applies to all the activities and stakeholders of Archon including its employees, stakeholders, customers, partners, vendors and all other parties associated with it.


Archon is committed to comply with its ESG policy, applicable laws of the land and to be responsive to existing and emerging ESG concerns on a proactive basis.


Archon will embrace research and education on ESG criteria in pursuit of continuous improvement in our understanding of the risk and opportunities of our clients, investment strategies, and business.

Archon will consider incorporating ESG investment ideas on an equal footing with other investment ideas. In all mandates, ESG investment ideas will be implemented to the extent they impact expected risk and fund return characteristics. In segregated mandates, APEP will also work with clients to implement solutions that reflect client-specific views on moral, social, environmental or governance issues.

Archon will be transparent with respect to its progress on ESG research and implementation solutions.

Archon will ensure it has the resources available to adhere to these guiding principles and to aid clients in their understanding of ESG-based investing.

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